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Private / Visiting / On-line 1:1 Lesson

Custom-made curriculum to meet specific needs of individuals and corporations. Choose lesson time according to your convenience. Lessons are carried over, so that no lessons will be missed. Take lessons at school or at your office. Start lessons anytime.

1. Class Schedule

Curriculum will be custom-made to meet specific needs. Minimum 4 times a month and each session is usually 90 minutes.

2. Different Levels

Learn Hangul (Korean Alphabet System). Students will be able to listen to simple conversations and give appropriate answers, write short essays using given words, give opinions and listen to instructions.
Students will be able to understand the different usages of spoken and written Korean, write essays on particular subjects, and listen to and write opinons about everyday topics.
Students will be able to understand text explanations, write letters following a certain format, have conversations about news and social issues, write explanations, listen to social issues and read newspapers.


3. Tuition

1 hour x 10 times = 400,000 won / per 1 person
1.5 hours x 10 times = 600,000 won / per 1 person
1 hour x 10 times = 600,000 won / per 1 person
1.5 hours x 10 times =900,000 won / per 1 person
On-line Lesson
1 hour x 10 times = 400,000 won
1.5 hours x 10 times = 600,000 won
Corporate (Group)
Per class rate
Registration fee
30,000 won(one time only)
Text Book
Sold Separately
※ Minimum lesson time is 1.5 hour if lesson occurs other than 10:00-20:00 and additional fee will be added on Sunday& National Holidays

※ You may only change or cancel lessons for 1/3 of the total scheduled lesson time and carry over to next month only 1/3 of your previous month's lesson time.

4. On-line Private Lesson

- Requirement : Internet connection, SKYPE or ZOOM installed and account created, speaker or head phone, microphone, and web-cam.
- Price : 45,000 won per hour or $45 USD (if you are not in Korea) *Tuition will be different on national holidays
- Text Book : Varies depending on your level. We will mail you or you can buy it from book store near you. (Text book is sold separately). We will inform the material after level test. We use “Beautiful Korean ( 아름다운 한국어 )” for most of lessons


How to register :

1. Fill out the registration form on-line , (select ‘on-line lesson')
2. Level Test (on-line for oral test and written test will be sent via email)
3. Discuss lesson schedule with advisor
4. Pay registration fee, Tuition, and text book via bank transfer.
5. Register SKYPE ID each other.

* On-line Private Lesson Policy

Scheduling of lessons is done through the office only, not through your teacher. You must inform office if you wish to cancel your lesson or wish to make any changes in your lesson schedule. It is not the private instructors' responsibility to schedule or administrate their lessons in any way. This will ensure that no misunderstandings over scheduling or payment occur.

To be excused from your lesson, you must contact the office via e-mail or call by end of office hour the day before your lesson is scheduled. If you cancel after 6 p.m., or fail to show up for a scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that lesson. PLEASE NOTE: If your lesson is scheduled on a Monday, you must contact the office by the previous Saturday no later than 5pm. Each lesson schedule should occur within one-month term and perform within that period.

Payment for lessons must be made in full by minimum 4 lesson a month before lesson begins. The registration fee and text book is non-refundable. If you are not in Korea, we use Paypal. However, due to paypal fee and currency exchange rate, total cost may change.

Refunds: In the event that you discontinue private study in the middle of a block of lessons, Lesson will be postponed but there will be no refund.