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Saturday Course

For people who want to study Korean and want to improve four skills, speaking, listening, reading, and wiring with equal emphasis but busy on weekdays. This class is suitable for learners aiming to learn Korean language intensively for a lengthy period.

1. Class Schedule

Length of term
4 Weeks
Days of week
Tuition Fee
160,000 won
Registration fee
30,000 won(one time only)
Pronunciation, dialogues, grammar Study, and Practice by using supplementary materials to improve speaking, listening, reading and writin skills.
※After taking placement test, students will be assigned to the appropriate class from Beginner A to Advanced B (6 level) according to the results.
※Class is subject to cancel if student is less than 3.

※Text Book is sold separately.

2. Levels and Objective

Beginner A,B
Learn Hangul (Korean Alphabet System). Students will be able to listen to simple conversations and give appropriate answers, write short essays using given words, give opinions and listen to instructions.
Intermediate A,B
Students will be able to understand the different usages of spoken and written Korean, write essays on particular subjects, and listen to and write opinons about everyday topics.
Advanced A,B
Students will be able to understand text explanations, write letters following a certain format, have conversations about news and social issues, write explanations, listen to social issues and read newspapers.
Mainly focuses on speaking with various issues and topics.


3. Text book Information

『아름다운 한국어 Beautiful Korean』stimulates students' interest, focusing on learner's activities so that they can practice and review by temselves, and presents constitution, focusing on homework and communication so that the topics treated in the Student's Book can be practically applied in their daily life. The Student's Book is also made in pursuit of the integrated text which is effective for student to practice four areas, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Cultural contents introduced in the book will help student's access not only to the Korean language but also to its culture.

Text Book
Beginner A
Beautiful Korean 1-1 thru 1-3
Beginner B
Beautiful Korean 2-1 thru 2-2
Intermediate A
Sogang Korean 3A & 3B
Intermediate B
Sogang Korean 4A & 4B
Advanced A
Sogang Korean 5A & 5B
Advanced B
Work book


4. Annual Class Schedule

* Schedule is subject to change without notice