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Special Program

1. Language and Cultural Immersion Program

This short-term program features a variety of events for learners including not only Korean language classes but also various events like example below

Language and Cultural Immersion Program
Registration Ends
Morning Korean class
Afternoon culture immersion
2 weeks before
10:00 ~ 12:50
3rd and 5th day

① Fill out the Application form
② Consultation
③ Take a Level Test

●Tuition (KRW)
Tuition 400,000
Registration fee 30,000

Special Program (Example)

Korean Cooking Experience
Visiting drama and filming location
Attending cultural performances
Attending lectures on special cultural topics
Going to popular korean restaurant

2. Pronunciation Correction Course

If you have a good command of Korean but would like to become more fluent, this class helps you identify and correct individual pronunciation difficulties. Learn to enunciate properly. Get an individualized program for Pronunciation improvement.

Pronunciation Correction Course
Days of Week
Tuesday, Thursday
14:00 - 16:00

① Fill out the Application form
② Consultation
●Tuition (KRW)
Tuition 210,000
Registration fee 30,000

◇ Identify your incorrect sound patterns
◇ Contrast these with the standard sounds and clearly hear the difference
◇ Learn how to use tongue to produce the correct sounds
◇ Repeat and practice the correct sounds so that new habits replace old ones
◇ Develop familiarity with the rhythm and style of natural spoken Korean, and integrate your new capabilities into everyday use

* Enrollment is limited: This course is designed for intermediate level or higher.

3. Conversation Class

Bored with Korean classes that you cannot see yourself progressing in speaking? Looking for a conversation-based class that you can’t find at university or other private Korean language schools? Join our conversation class now !

Korean Conversation Course (Monthly Course)

Tuesday & Thursday
① Fill out the Application form
② Consultation
●Tuition (KRW)
Tuition 210,000
Registration fee30,000

* Enrollment is limited: This course is designed for basic level or higher.

◇ MKA Strength for Your Advantages

• Small-sized class less than six students / 100% conversation-based lectures.
◇ Totally differentiated Korean conversation class from those of university, private, or government-driven public Korean language institutes full of students with different objectives or goals.
•  Anyone can join freely regardless of current skills in grammar or other fields.
◇ Placement based on your current Korean speaking ability
-- the minimum level of understanding on basic grammar is preferred.
•  Participation-oriented classes with a various topic each time out of textbooks

4. Saturday Conversation Class

- Date : Every 2nd & 4th Saturday 13:00 ~ 14:00
- Tuition : 40,000 won