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Visa Information

(General) Short-Term Visa (C-3)
This visa is generally called a tourist visa or a visiting visa. Students who are planning to study at MKA for at least 8 weeks must apply for the C-3 visa. .

This visa is good for 3 months (90 days) and can be issued immediately upon application at either a Korean Embassy or a Consulate office in your country. The carrier of this visa should coordinate his/her length of study in Korea within the effective days of the visa to avoid risking visa expiration during the course of study.

** Note **

*1. If you are from the countries those signed visa waiver agreements with Republic of Korea , you are thereby subject of exemption.

- To see if your country is under the visa waiver agreements, click on the following link.

*2. MKA is not responsible for visa issuance, violation of laws, and other incidents committed by students or their sponsors.
It is your responsibility to check with your embassy for more information before submitting your documents to MKA.

*3.For Visa application process : Please email us at for more information about C-3 visa.

*4.To receive an admission letter :Please email us at