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Corporate Client Lessons

Whether you want Korean lessons to help you in your general day-to-day life or for business needs, our made-to-order language courses can help you improve quickly.Based on your company's needs, our professional will create curriculum with study goals, a planned study time period, a budget, etc.
please contact us by email or call (02-725-5030) for further consultation.

Step 1
 Meeting with training co-ordinator to discuss purpose, time, and budget
Step 2
 Education plan offered based on your needs.
Step 3
 Training stars.
Step 4
 Reporting of training progress to the co-ordinator.

Tuition Fee

- 1 person : 50,000 won (1 hour)
- Group : consult our coordinator
- Extra fee may occurs depending on the location and lesson time
- Minimum requirement : 1.5 hour/ 10 times to start